EUROCELL Diagnostics has joined Bio-Techne on February 2018.

EUROCELL Diagnostics has joined Bio-Techne on February 2018.

EUROCELL has been a valued partner of Bio-Techne since 2004, selling R&D Systems hematology products in Europe, Africa and the Middle East (EMEA). EUROCELL Diagnostics is located close to Rennes in FRANCE; its mission is to sale Diagnostics Division products by offering to our customers its whole catalog in the fields of hematology, chemistry, immunology and measurement of blood gases.

Our expert team provide its know-how to ours customers who are the laboratories of medical biology, the blood banks, organization of proficiency testing and the distributors by proposing them R&D Systems, Bionostics and Cliniqa’s products.

Our priority being customer satisfaction by proposing custom-made offers, with customized services as personalized technical support, program of comparisons inter-laboratories CBC-Monitor and the program of External Evaluation of the Quality.

In response to the European standard implementation, that compels the laboratory to even more rigorous management in the control of their quality, EUROCELL Diagnostics acts in complete independance towards the instrument manufacturers and therefore fully complies with the European directives. comply with the European directives.

Our Knowledge

Eurocell Diagnostics acting as a partner with R&D Systems, concerned of the quality of the products and services, assures you of :

  • Mono and multi-level packagings adapted to your needs
  • Deliveries on standing orders or on purchase orders
  • Pre-determined and reliable delivery Schedule of activities
  • Rigourous technical Assistance
  • Products and related servicing for all Hematology instruments
  • Interlaboratory Hematology Quality Control Program in conformity with Accreditation/Certification
  • Total independance and impartiality towards instrument manufacturers

R&D Systems' Hematology Division develops and manufactures whole blood hematology controls, calibrators and linearity materials for hospitals and clinical laboratories to monitor the performance of blood analysis instruments, assuring the accuracy of test results. R&D Systems is recognized for its :

  • Multi-level hematology blood controls
  • Calibration/Calibrators
  • Reticulocyte Controls
  • Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate blood Controls
  • Lymphocyte Immunophenotyping Controls
  • CD 34+ stem cells blood Controls
  • LeukoReduced Controls
  • Body Fluid Controls
  • Linearity Kits
  • Interlaboratory Hematology Quality Control Program
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